How To Choose A Profitable Topic For Your Blog? 2020 Definitive Guide For Beginners

How To Choose A Profitable Topic For Your Blog?

Today I have no idea what to write in this blog post.

Just sit in my room, take pen and blank paper after I start to write on this topic. So I know you think about why i choose only for this topic?

Recently in my telegram channel and personally one member asked me one question, “How To Choose A Profitable Topic For Our Blog?”

So, In This Post I Will Share Tips to how to choose topic for your blog?
Let Begin,

Best Topic For Blogging

How To Choose Profitable Topic For Your Blog?

So don’t mistake to choose a wrong topic. If you choose wrong topic for your blog then you will fail.

So friends, your blogging journey is started with blog topic selection. Your blogging success is depend on YOU and the topic that you choose about.

(1). Know Your Passion And Interest

I know , you have some passion and interest in your life.

Where you can work without money.

Maybe you like a writing poem, writing story, dancing, teaching etc.

So why not convert your passion into your blog topic? Where you can work without money.

Without passion and interest you can start you blog but little time after some time you do not make money and you will be demotivate and you leave your blog.

How to Decide What to Blog Topic?

So, how do you find your passion?

How do you decide what to blog about?

Answer these 8 questions to yourself. This question answer help you find that special thing you’re both interested in and qualified to write about.

  1. What can you not stop talking about?
  2. Do you have a major life experience or achievement can you share or teach?
  3. What do you do every day in your life?
  4. If you had unlimited free time, what would you spend all of it doing?
  5. What do you spend your time thinking about?
  6. If you had no choice but to give an impromptu 30-minute speech, what would it be about?
  7. What was the last thing you posted to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account?
  8. Is there a particular topic your friends come to you for help with?
Now I hope you answering the questions above helped you to brainstorm some topics and some great idea that would be great for your new blog.

So friends you find your passion and interest and choose topic. But blogging success is not depends only on passion. 

Your blogging success is depends on some another factor. This are given below. Must be read and follow.

(2). Research And Gain Knowledge

Now you find your passion and interested.
Next step is you want to write article for your reader. But before written article you gain some knowledge about your topic and keep research on your topic.

Without research and knowledge you did not write a great content.

So try to daily research on your topic and keep reading news about your topic.

(3) Market Opportunity (Demand)

You find your passion and choose a topic. You start written article on your blog but The topic you have selected or the topic in which you are writing a blog post, there is no demand in the market, then how will you earn money from your blog.

Your main motive to start blog is earn money and earn fame?

I’m right.

Before selecting the topic, check how much demand is in the market of this topic.

Here you want create evergreen content that generate lots of traffic. 

My friend Santanu Debnath already shared 8 Types Of Content To Drive Traffic To Website.

Final Word

So Friends, I hope you like and enjoyed this articles. I hope this article is helpful for you and your blogging journey.

All the best my friends. Now its time to start your own blogging journey.

If you have any question leave comment below.

Jaypal Thakor ☺


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