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Welcome to DIGITALJAYPAL INTERVIEW SERIES today we have Amol Chavan an awesome Pro Blogger, Online Business Coach with us. Amol Chavan is founder of is professional blog where he shared Blogging Tips, Online Business Tips, etc.

Amol Chavan is a Online Business Coach. So without much wait, let’s jump into the small discussion now.


Interview With Amol Chavan founder of Growthfunda
Interview With Amol Chavan

Jaypal:- Hello Amol, Briefly Introduce Yourself and Your Blog?

Thank you so much Jaypal for inviting me on your blog. I am so happy to share my interview with your readers.

My name is Amol Chavan; I’m from Pune, Maharashtra- India.

I’m Software engineer by profession and blogger, internet entrepreneur by passion.

I believe in Freedom and Laptop lifestyle.

Hence, I started my first blog in 2018 ( while working full time into a 9-5 job. This blog teaches online business, side hustle and how anyone can escape the rat race.

Even though I have written fewer articles since launch, I’m getting a good response from my blog and now it’s making money for me.

I recently started a Facebook group (it’s totally free) where I am trying to build a community of likeminded people who can share their learning on online business, side hustle and help each other in escaping the rat race of 9-5 job.

Jaypal:- When you had a good IT Job, where your income 80,000 per /month. So why did you started online blogging and Business?

As mentioned above, I love Freedom and Laptop lifestyle.

In my one of the viral article on job-free life, I explained how typical IT Corporate job was sucking out my creativity and burning desire to do start something by own.

There is no security of job these days and no one become rich by doing just a job.

Also there is no meaning to retire late when you can retire TODAY.

Hence, I decided to quit a high paying IT job of Rs 80000 k/pm and tried 4-5 business.

I miserably failed into all business attempts and suffered losses. You can read my detail story here: escape 9-5 job.

During my business attempts, I exposed to the Digital marketing, online business and blogging world.

So I decided to teach whatever I learned during business attempts.

This is how the idea of business blog triggered.

With good efforts, now I’m back in the full-time job and handle my online business while doing a full-time job.

Jaypal:- Describe how did you first get into blogging?

It was those days when I quit my high paid job in pursuit of happiness and doing multiple businesses. During my digital marketing training, I got to know about Blogging, how one can make money online and spread the knowledge with rest of the world.

I decided to start my blog with niche as an online business and side hustle.

During 2017, I build my whole blog with WordPress, invested some money on premium business tools and resources.

On Jan 2018, I launched brand online business blog

This is how I landed into Blogging and Online business.

Jaypal:- What are the major challenges you experienced while building ""?

At initial stage, learning about WordPress, designing a blogging website was my biggest challenge.

The biggest challenge was to finalized look and feel. I tried multiple customization page builders, plug-in and custom CSS code to experiment blog website design.

Initially I was not in a mood to invest money on a premium tool hence I used to watch YouTube videos on how to design a blog in WordPress, how to customize website etc.

It consumed my so much time.

Finally, I decided to invest money on the premium services like premium WordPress theme (it save my so many dollars) and Siteground hosting.

This gave new birth to Growthfunda.

Later I faced challenges in writing and then learning SEO. But gradually I learned all this and I got good results.

Another challenge was to find more time for blogging and other online business while doing a full-time job.

To overcome this, I changed my schedule & now focusing only on one thing at a time.

This helps me prioritize my time.

Jaypal:- One of the common questions is about finding a niche? So how did you fix your niche before starting your blog?

I wanted to give real experience to my readers hence I planned to launch blog into the niche which readers love to read, looking out for some solution.

Also while choosing a niche, I found the biggest problem which was resonating with my experience and audience is facing the biggest challenge to solve that problem.

Problem of escaping the RAT RACE of 9-5 job and how to start a business.

My business experience also helped me to finalized niche.

This is how I fixed my niche and running business around it.

Jaypal:- Can you tell me some of your strength that really helped you in blogging life?

Strength like Hard work, Time consciousness, Mindset, Continuous efforts is helping me to manage Online Business and blogging.

Jaypal:- Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our country. So with the help of blogging can we earn good passive income?

Yes, I agree that Unemployment is the biggest problem in our country but even major problem is Mindset and traditional thinking that “Take good education, grab good marks and do JOB”

I can see that the Internet is full of opportunity and Blogging is one kind of opportunity which everyone can start and make passive income.

Top big bloggers like Harsh Agrawal, Sumit Bansal, Pat Flynn are making million dollars and more every single month.

Along with blogging, there are other online passive sources of income that anyone can try and live FREEDOM lifestyle.


Affiliate Marketing.
Selling Info products
Selling services
Freelancing jobs etc.

Jaypal:- What are some methods that you use to promote your content?

I don’t get much time to promote content but my favorite is to promote article on Quora and Facebook.

Recently I started focusing on Facebook Group.

I ‘m repurposing the contents across Quora, LinkedIn, Medium and vice versa sometimes.

Jaypal:- What are the common mistakes a blogger makes? How can they be avoided?

Common mistakes are they try to be everywhere and try to experiments everything aiming to earn money from day one rather than building trust among the audience.

This leads to failure in blogging career.

One can avoid common mistake by mastering one thing and then try out another thing. Try different monetization methods and collaborate with other blogging friends.

Also, focus on the quality than quantity. Don’t be in a hurry to publish a blog post every single week. One blog post in one month is also fine.

SEO guru Brain Dean suggests “One must apply an 80:20 ratio” in bloggingcontent marketing i.e. 80% promotion and 20% new content.

Jaypal:- How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

I’m managing blogging and online business while doing a full-time job.
During weekdays I’m getting approx. 1-1.5 hrs early in the morning and 1 hrs in the night.

During weekends I am getting maximum time.

I prefer to start day as early as possible i.e at 5 am.

Currently, I’m getting less time as I’m spending some time with my 13-month-old baby and rest with family.

But I try to cover major time of the weekend for my online business and blogging.

Jaypal:- How do you think I rate your blog as an interviewer?

It depends on You.

Jaypal:- How successful have you been so far in your blogging journey?

I got success early in the blogging journey. I made my first online income within 6 months of launching Growthfunda.

I prefer to have targeted traffic even though it’s less. This helped me better conversion.

Since Launch, I have been getting a good response from readers and they love to engage with me over email.

Pro blogger Sumit Bansal, Karan Batra, Liz Huber, Rob Powell, etc. also liked my content and appreciated my efforts.

Now I’m planning to launch some eBooks and other services gradually via my blog to scale it further.

Jaypal:- If someone wants to start an online business or blog? So tell the names of some blogs that you follow yourself and are useful?

List of bloggers which I follow is big, but here are the few names that I would love to mention:

Ramit Sethi, Nick Loper, Ryan Robinson, Pat Flynn, Brain Dean, Ankit Singla, Kulwant Nagi, Karan Batra, Liz Huber, Sumit Bansal, Siddharth Pal and other fellow Indian bloggers that help each other.

Jaypal:- Who is your ideal blogger or online businessmen?

Nick Loper
Pat Flynn
Ramit Sethi

Jaypal:- Any suggestions for us? 

Here are a few suggestions that I would love to give you and your readers:-

  • Focus on only one thing at a time. Find a burning problem and try to provide value to resolve that problem. This is how people love to respond and you can build a business around it.

  • Take advantage of the digital world.

  • Invest in learning than spending on Shining object.

  • Quora is very good for long term referral traffic along with Google. It also helps you build authority.

  • Provide value before asking anything in the return.

  • Quality Content is King.

  • Internet is a shining object. Don’t be a just consumer of everything, be a producer and take action to grow.
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Jaypal:- Any tips or success funda for our reader? How can someone reach you for advice and tips?

Here are few Tips that I would love to share:

  • Believe in yourself and do good karma, the universe will definitely pay you back.

  • Put efforts daily to do something by own rather than just doing a job.

  • You don’t know when your organization will stop loving you. No one become rich by doing just job. So take action and create passive sources of income.

Reach me via following way – (Don’t forget to mention that you found me on

You can connect with me by joining as a subscriber on Growthfunda business blog.
(You have to click on the button ‘Show Me How’ to join email list where I regularly share the helpful stuff on online business, passive source of income and escaping 9-5 job.)

Also, you can reach me via email:

Join my exclusive Facebook Group (it’s totally FREE):- Growthfunda

Connect me on LinkedIn:- Amol Chavan Online Business Coach

Jaypal:- Thank you Amol for taking the time to answer questions.

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