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Hello Friends. Welcome to DIGITALJAYPAL INTERVIEW SERIES today we have Rahul Bhichher an awesome Pro Blogger with us. Rahul Bhichher is co-founder of


Jaypal:- Hi Rahul Bhichher. Thanks for being with us today. For our readers can you tell a little about your background?

Thank you Jaypal for giving me a chance to express my views with your extraordinary audience.

Hi, I'm Rahul Bhichher full-time digital marketer; known as the founder of ShayariBlast and Cofounder of Blogging Pal.

I love reading blogs related to technology and creating stuff for the internet.

Jaypal:- How has been your blogging journey so far?

My Blogging journey has been fantastic so far. I learned so much in the Blogging industry; still, I find something new things every day. I have met many amazing people in the industry and shared my views on various subjects. Most importantly  All of them are my dear friends.

One thing I would like to add in Blogging context that the best thing about Blogging is you don't need much money to get started with Blogging, but you can get massive returns of your efforts in coming time. So those who are reading this interview and don't have their Blog. I invite them to join the Blogging universe.

Jaypal:-  What’s the #1 reason for starting Please tell us what your blog is all about?

Blogging pal is a technical blog based on search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, blogging tutorials and all the technical stuff involved in launching a successful blog.

We publish articles which are carefully investigated and applied by us so that our audience could get the best answer to their problem. 

Our Blog is a legitimate effort to provide help to those people who are prepared to learn digital marketing, Blogging, Affiliation, and almost everything about Blogging universe. 

Under the brand Blogging pal; we promote our digital services to our clients all around the globe. Services include content writing, website launching, graphic designing and so on. All the information is available on our Service page.

Jaypal:- Apart from blogging, what else did you do in your career?

Well, this one is tough for me. Blogging is something which is attached to me. I cannot imagine myself doing beyond Blogging.

 A few years back I tried Stock trading and made money for myself. Therefore, I have experience in Stock marketing, but Blogging will remain closer to my heart.

Jaypal:- What strategies do you use to monetize your blog?

There are two primary ways to monetize a blog in which the first one is the conventional approach which is still massively popular in fellow bloggers which involves joining banner advertising programs and making money on every click.

 Google Adsense and programs are the two most trusted brand in this market.

The second approach is the unconventional approach. Let dig into it and understand what I mean by this?

A few years ago people were limited to only Adsense and other banner advertising networks. 

As the internet is getting younger the more opportunities are in front of every Blogger. Affiliate is one such option now.

 There is no need to place advertising banners on your Blog if you have a blog on a particular niche which has a commercial aspect. 

You can join the affiliate program regarding the product that you are featuring on your Blog and make a commission from every single sale that happens through your affiliate link.

Hence Affiliate marketing is our primary source of income apart from that we also offer custom services to our clients.

Jaypal:- Which is the best affiliate program? What would you say about this?

Don't blindly join every affiliate program of the world. Firstly, develop a marketing strategy for your blog and put some targets in a time frame.

Then write some insightful article on the subject that you are promoting. Never promote anything which doesn't deliver quality to your audience. No one likes shitty products and services.

Try the product before writing any affiliate post. Most importantly don't forget to check the after sales customer support system of the brand that you are promoting. 

 Next, write an authentic review of the product and service providing brands; explain all the pros and cons of the product. 

Never push sales to your audience. Sales happen naturally when the customer gets involved in the product and knows why he should buy that product?

Jaypal:- Can you tell about your "Shayari Blast" blog? How did it begin?

Shayari Blast is an emotional blog which talks about human emotion and passion. It started in my hostel life when I used to miss my family a lot.

I started writing Shayari in my free time. One day, I realized that Shayari is an excellent way to express the inner feelings, thoughts in the poetic form.

 I immediately decided to register a domain related to Shayari and poems. Within a few days of search, I came up with the name Shayari Blast. 

Today Shayari Blast is generating 80k+ monthly visitors for me.

Jaypal:- What are the major challenges you experienced while building "Shayari Blast"?

Shayari Blast started in the hostel, and I was involved in many college projects. 

Managing time for my Shayari Blast was one of the most challenging tasks to me. Therefore, I decided to reduce my sleeping hours. I slept only 5 hours for a few months while working on Shayari Blast.

Jaypal:- What are the premium tools do you use?

In spite of using many tools; we are more focused on educating ourselves through various mediums and online streams.  

 Buying Ebooks, listening podcast, audio books and taking online premium courses are part of it. 

Apart from that, we keep testing new themes and plugin and keyword tools like Semrush.

Jaypal:- What are some methods that you use to promote your content?

The only strategy is to create super helpful content for the audience. Next, we focus on fundamental On page SEO strategies and while doing that we follow all the Google guidelines.

After publishing the post, we share it on our all social media profiles.

We rarely try to build Backlinks. We believe that backlinks will lose its significance in the coming time as Google AI is getting smarter every day. 

Jaypal:- What are the common mistakes a blogger makes? how can they be avoided?

These are the two common mistakes in my perspective.

1 Not using paid hosting and the domain name is the biggest mistake of the new bloggers.

2 A second common mistake is copying and pasting others hard work on their blogs. Google penalizes that blogger who does that.

Jaypal:- What is Your future plan in blogging?

I want to start office for Blogging pal with my brother Santosh Gairola and start hiring freshers who could work for the brand name Blogging pal.

Jaypal:- What does your daily routine look like, from walking to going to sleep?

I wake up at 5 am in the morning after that I exercise up to 7 am. 9 am is my breakfast time. In between, I check my email and reply to them. I start working at 9:30 am to 1 pm. 

After lunch, I restart my work at 2:30 pm to  6 pm. At evening I talk to my friends and family. In the night I read physical books till I fall asleep. 

Jaypal:- Who is your ideal blogger?

There are many can't take the name of all.

Santanu Debnath:-

Must Be Read

Navin Rao:- Questioncage.Com

Sumit Sao:-

Saurabh tiwari:- Techibhai.Com

‎Mansoor Ali:- Techadvicebro.In

Vishwajeet Kumar:-Blogwithvk.Com

Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk:- Erikamohssen-beyk.Com

Ryan Biddulph:- Bloggingfromparadise.Com

Santosh Gairola(founder):-

Must Be Read

Sue-Ann Bubacz:-Writemixforbusiness.Com

Jaypal:- Can You tell me about your blogging earning? What is Your major source of your earning? 

My Shayariblast is earning a decent amount through Adsense which is helping me to pay my bills comfortably. Apart from that Affiliate marketing is a major revenue source, we are also selling customized services through Blogging pal.

Jaypal:- Thanks Rahul for sharing your knowledge with the readers of DIGITALJAYPAL.

In case you want to know any other blogging tips from him, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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