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If you want to be successful in your field, then learn from people who have become successful in your field.

So I have decided that I will take the interview series of all those people, have taken some big achievements in life and are doing a great work.

Hello friends, today we are interviewing Santosh Gairola. He is the founder of "BLOGGINGPAL.COM". He started his entrepreneurial journey with his blog "".

Let's started friends. I have asked some question to Santosh to his blogging journey.

This is the first interview of  DIGITALJAYPAL INTERVIEW SERIES [ DJIS:- 1 ]

Bloggingpal founder

Jaypal:- Hello Santosh Gairola. Thanks for being with us today. For our readers can you tell a little about your background?

Hello Jaypal, thanks for giving me the chance to express my thoughts to your lovely audience.  I am Santosh Gairola founder of

I love reading self-improvement books whether they are physical or Amazon E-Books. I believe that books are the best friends who help you to grow in a positive perspective.

Blogging pal is a technology-based blog which I operate with my Pal Rahul Bhichher in which I write about technical SEO, Affiliate marketing, and Blogging tutorials.

 Apart from Blogging, yes, I'm in love with programming too. 

I prefer the dot net framework platform which is a programming environment created by Microsoft for developing, deploying, cloud applications and services.

I run two more blogs which are not in the technology niche; the first one is a pretty unique niche in which I publish spiritual content, and its name is 

The second Blog is a happiness blog name

Jaypal:- Whats the #1 reason for starting Please tell us what your blog is all about?

I stuff which I'm going to say now may sound idiotic to many people, and I take the full responsibility of that.

I'm a big fan of Ironman from the Marvel universe. The qualities he posses to create something new, something beautiful and helpful for the planet is what makes him super attractive to me.

When I came to know about Elon Musk about his companies SpaceX, Tesla, solar city, Neuralink; I wanted to follow his path and lead humanity from the front. 

Therefore, I had decided to code something related to local web network for my local people and friends.

After two years of hard work on that project, I finally created that project and got my initial 100+ active members who registered in it. I was happy that people started using it.

 I was putting my efforts to control the administration of the site but due to lack of funds; I was not able to market that product and unfortunately closed that project.

 After the lesson learned; I started accumulating money by selling my programming services to others.

The pain of shutting down that application is enormous to me. I realized the significance of digital marketing.

 After that, I decided to master the art of Digital marketing from humble backgrounds for that I started reading more about Marketing stuff.  

Created many personal notes day and night, and joined many online courses and seminars.

Tried to understand how Google and other search engine operates. After learning the depth concept of marketing like how to sell ice to Eskimos  and Im not talking in arrogance or any ego.  For me marketing means the art wining customers heart.

Hence, decided to share my experience with my fellow bloggers & newbie friends who don't know the right way to get started in the digital world.

That is how Blogging pal came into existence.

Jaypal:- What strategies do you use to monetize your blog?

Money is the byproduct of your efforts when the right marketing strategies are involved with product delivery to the audience.

Have clear goals on your mind before writing any post; whether you want to write an informational post or transactional post.

 We focus more on writing the informational post; people love consuming informational post from authority Bloggers. 

You don't need to push your product to them.

Let them feel the importance of that product how that stuff helped you in your journey.  Write with your heart as soon readers will start liking your post; they will inevitably buy from you.

Jaypal:- What are the major challenges you experienced while building "Blogging pal"?

Frankly speaking nothing; We love our work.  Rahul is like a younger brother to me, and we have a transparent bonding. We discuss every little problem with each other and fix it within a couple of hours. For me, It is fun to learn new thing.

 The only problem we have is connectivity issues. My native place is Dehradun, and he is from Haryana; call drop is an only major issue.  

Jaypal: What are the premium tools do you use?

We keep evolving our plans for giving better user experience to our audience, but I firmly believe that If a blogger can connect better with his niche, then, he doesn't require any premium tools.

Your passion drives you in your difficult time. 

Seo has evolved so much in the last few years.  After the Ubersuggst revolution, we don' t feel like to buy many products.

So, I don't recommend any tool in your initial days, play easy. Later you can go for premium tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Alexa.

Jaypal:- What are some methods or channels that you use to promote your content?

We indeed rarely promote our content; yes you heard it right.  It is a psychological strategy which we apply on Blogging pal. 

The biggest mistake new bloggers do that as soon as they hit the publish button they start spamming social media like facebook, twitter, and other platforms with their links.

The second mistake they make is spamming almost every website related to their niche on the internet through commenting. 

The piece of advice I would like to give them is that, if you cannot give helpful feedback to those publishers, then please don't write a  useless comment for the sake of backlinks.

It gives a false impression of your blog to them, they can mark you spammer which is not good for your blog's health.

People will not read your content unless it has value in it.  Make it worth reading.

1 - Think from the perspective of the readers how to target their pin problem in a simple vocabulary. 

2 - Always write an authentic post which means genuine, helpful and detailed post explaining all aspect associated with the problem.

3 - Write in your words and firstly submit that article on the search engine console. 

Then share it on your timelines, and if you like sharing a post on specific groups, then, please go through their group guidelines before sharing anything there.

4 - Lastly, don't forget to reply to every comment you get for your post.

It is the strategy which we use on blogging pal. 

Jaypal:- What are the common mistakes a blogger makes? How can they be avoided?

1 - Blogging on the free platform like Blogspot without a custom domain name and hosting.

2 - Depending on the single income stream. Most of the bloggers are limited to Adsense only.

3 - Don't have a writing schedule for publishing a new post.

4 - Not learning from Pros or not having the unique writing style.

5 - Lack of patience and quitting too early.

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Jaypal:- What does your daily routine look like, from walking to going to sleep?

I run multiple Blogs; The first three days are for non-technical blog and rest three days are for my Blogging pal. I don't work on Sunday and enjoys prime videos on live streaming or reads a book.

Every working day, I wake up at 8:30 am and starts working from 10 am after that I lunch at 1.30 pm. 

After a few mins of rest, I start working from 2.30pm until 5 pm.   I always try to take a walk on the grounds and returns to home by 7.30 pm to offer my prayers to my Shiva. 

In the night again start working from 9 pm to 2 pm late at night.

Jaypal:- What is your favorite blog? 

There are many blogs; it is hard for me to mention all.

1 - Blogging joy-

2- Blogging lift -

3 - Question cage -

4 - Aha - now -

6 - Techibhai -

7 - Blog with Vk -

8 - Blogging from paradise. -

9 - Techadvicebro -

10 - write mix for business -

11 - Search engine land -

12 - Update land -

13 - Neil Patel -

14- Kulwant Nagi -

15 - Shout me loud -

16 - Smart bird Social   -

17 - Backlinko -

Jaypal:- What are your next blogging plans?

The only plan is to expand the wings of Blogging pal and open a new office under the brand name so that hiring of freshers could get started.

Jaypal:- Who is your ideal blogger?

Every blog mentioned above is my blogging Guru in the journey, but particularly; I would like to mention the name of Harsh Agarwal.

Jaypal:- What is your main source of earnings?

Well, Affiliate marketing, sponsored post, freelance services like writing content, designing infographics and designing client blog is our prime stream of revenue generation.

Jaypal:- Thank you Santosh for taking the time to answer questions.


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