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Hello Friends. Welcome to DIGITALJAYPAL INTERVIEW SERIES today we have Santanu Debnath an awesome Pro Blogger with us. Santanu Debnath is founder of . is professional blog where he shared Blogging Tips, Seo, Digital Marketing, WordPress plugin, theme and tutorial etc.

Santanu Debnath has last 10+ years of experience in blogging. So without much wait, let’s jump into the small discussion now.


Interview with Indian Blogger

Jaypal:- Hi Santanu Debnath. Thanks for being with us today. For our readers can you tell a little about your background? 

I am happy that you have invited me to your blog today. Thank you so much for this honor, Jaypal.

Hello friends, I am Santanu Debnath, a passionate blogger, and WordPress enthusiast. Although I am not a full-time blogger, my passion and love for blogging are immeasurable.

I am an Engineering graduate working for an MNC. Besides my regular work & duties, I have a huge passion for blogging and exploring various ways to make money.

Blogging is no more fun or hobby. People have started realizing that one can easily create a passive income source by running a blog in any niche.

But how to blog and be a better blogger to stay active for the long run?
That is what I try to answer through my blog: and my Facebook group, The Bloggers’ Team.

Jaypal:- What’s the #1 reason for starting Please tell us what your blog is all about? 

I am into blogging from last many years, in fact, more than 10+ years. During those years I have created many websites. The main purpose was to build a passive income stream besides my full-time job and that’s how I got into the world of internet.

But things are not that rosy and there is no quick way. I have realized that after trying many online money making programs, where the majority of them were scams. But that’s the best way to learn and I have no regret about that.

Right now, I am trying to build a quality website where I can address all the common problems every blogger faces while building their blogs. I mostly blog about WordPress and you will find regular articles on useful WordPress tools, tutorials, and related stuff in my blog.

Jaypal:- What strategies do you use to monetize your blog?

If you have a quality blog with good authority & traffic, there are a lot of ways to make money from your blog. So far I have tried almost everything like Google AdSense, sponsored post, paid guest post, affiliate marketing, etc.

But right now, I am trying to focus more on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is comparatively tough and it is like selling to a customer. But once you are able to understand and build a good reputation, things are better compared to Google AdSense.

Jaypal:- What are the major challenges you experienced while building Blogging Joy?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t find any issue with BloggingJOY. As this blog has come after all my failures & realization. That’s why I am quite focused on the plan of BloggingJOY. But I would like to mention a few of the challenges I faced while building a blog.

Choosing a niche is the biggest problem. As a beginner majority of bloggers want to write on multiple topics and that’s the biggest mistake. Multi niche blogs don’t attract much traffic and SEO is also difficult.

I never tried to build my own audience and connect with them. Your website traffic is real humans and you must try to connect with them.

Not building quality backlinks through guest posting from relevant websites. Link building is a very crucial part of blogging and gaining your blog’s authority.

Jaypal:- What are the premium tools you use?

I spend a lot to build BloggingJOY and will do for the benefit of building a quality blog. Blogging is not just writing a post and share it. If you don’t have a good presentation skill, a good theme and fast loading website people will not take your efforts seriously.

Here are a few of my investments:-

SiteGround GrowBig Plan for 3 years: $180

Must Be Read:- SiteGround Hosting Review + 60% Discount Link

WP Rocket for 1 Site: $39/year

Thrive Architect for 5 sites: $97

Must Be Read:- Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Leads for 5 sites: $97

Invested for LOGO: Rs 2000

GeneratePress premium: $49

Social Snap Plugin: $99

(I have recently moved to Social Snap as I found this as one of the best Social Warfare alternatives.)

Jaypal:- What are some methods or channels that you use to promote your content?

For content promotion, I mostly depend upon social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. There are a lot of such platforms, but getting active on those platforms is quite tough. So, I generally prefer to promote my content on these platforms only.

Besides that, I occasionally write on Quora and go for blog commenting. These are the 2 most powerful ways to get referral traffic and build backlinks as well. I also do blogger outreach and ask my readers to provide me feedback of my articles.

Jaypal:- What are the common mistakes a blogger makes? How can they be avoided? 

I think I have already answered this question in the blogging challenges part. Still, in short, I want to say that focusing on one niche, not networking with fellow bloggers and not building your own audience are few of the mistakes most of the bloggers make.

Jaypal:- What does your daily routine look like, from walking to going to sleep? 

Well, I am an early riser. I generally wake up in the morning by 5:30. Although from last few months I am not able to continue the same routine, this is what mostly I follow throughout the year.

I occasionally go for a walk or a run. I am not yet consistent on this routine, but I have to make a fixed routine as this is one of my new year resolutions that I took at the beginning of 2019.

I also spend around 1-2 hours in the morning for blogging. It consists mostly of responding emails, FB group comments and performing other blogging tasks. Majority of my weekdays’ time goes to my office hours. After coming back from the office, I spend some time with my kid, check my FB group to answer people’s queries and finally go to bed.

Weekends are the best time to plan and execute my blogging plans. I mostly write and plan my content during the weekends. Of course without compromising my personal & family priorities. I am blessed to have a very lovely & supportive family.

My wife Manidipa is my biggest support in every aspect of my life including blogging too. She is taking care of various tasks like content editing, proofreading & SEO optimization during weekdays. And at the weekends, we both spend time together for everything. Together we also run another multi-niche blog

Jaypal:- Any advice for our readers?

I just want to say one thing that there is no short cut and it’s not possible to make money overnight. If there is really a short cut to make quick money, then the term HARD WORK would have been a myth. People who are trying quick routes will definitely fail in the long run.

It’s all about learning the right path and helping others to follow that part. And this is very much true in case of Blogging as well.

You have to consider blogging seriously and try to learn the necessary skills like SEO, content writing, social media marketing, etc.

There are plenty of opportunities and even high paying ways compared to a typical job. But remember, if you have the right skill you will get the remuneration for sure. But if you try to imitate others, then everyone can understand that and it will not add value to your profile or career.

I hope I am able to share some quality information to help your readers. Whatever mistakes I have done in blogging, these are very common. And I hope people will learn them from my experience and start putting efforts from day one itself. You can join my Facebook group to ask me anything regarding Blogging, I would love to help you out to make your blogging dream come true.

Jaypal:- Thanks Santanu for sharing your knowledge with the readers of DIGITALJAYPAL. In case you want to know any other blogging tips from him, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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