Top 10 Crucial things to know before buy a new domain name

Hey guys. In this post I will show you Top 10 Crucial Things To Know Before Buy A New Domain Name?

When you want to take your blog and business online on the internet, so your first need a good domain name.

Before you can register domain, you need to know some of the essential things so that you can get a brand domain.

So guys in this tutorial I will show you "Top 10 Crucial Things To Know Before Buying A New Brand Domain Name"

So let's started....

Top 10 Crucial Thing To Know Before Buying A New Domain Name

(1). Must Be Check Domain Name Availability

So guys here first step is most important. First check your domain name is available or not.

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Above you check your domain name. If your domain name is available then quickly buy now.

If your domain name is not available then what can you do? So you also checkout expired domain name.


Because some people registered a domain name but they did not renew domain name. So the domain name expires when the time is out.

So guys you can also check expired domain name on internet.

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(2). Choose Top Level Domain Name

Another important things is Only Choose Top Level Domain Name like .com, .in, .net, .org etc.

Why choose top level domain name?

Because your domain name is your online address. If someone wants to search your business on the internet then your domain name searches online and then comes to your business website.

If you want to grow your business over the world then domain name play important role.

So choose only for Top Level Domain Name Extension

(3). Domain Names Should Be Related For Your Blog And Your Business

Yes, your domain name should be related to your blog or your business.

For example

If you running a business tips blog or your business is business tips consultant then try to choose your domain name is related to your blog. Like

Due to this reason your reader understand What is the purpose of your blog?

If you choose your domain name like then this domain name is not related for your blog.

(4). Easy To Remember

Every popular website you know such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon etc all the website domain nameis Easy To Type and Easy To Remembered.

(5). Target Your Business Areas

Its another crucial point in domain name selection. If your business or your blog is target over the world then choose only for .com domain extension.

If you want to promote your business or blog in specific country then choose country targeted domain extension. Like .in, .au, .us etc.

(6). No Spelling Mistake

Your domain name is not contain any spelling mistake.

One of the popular website I hope you hear this website name. In this domain name contain spelling mistake and recently its change and converted into

If your domain name contains any spelling mistake then it's difficult for your website visitor to remember your domain name.

So guys try to buy a domain name for a specific name and read it easily.

(7). Domain name should not contain symbol or number

You do not have any number or symbols in your domain name. This is good for you. A non-numeric domain works well.


Because if your domain name has contain a number such as it is your domain name.

Your visitors know the name of your blog. But most people will search the same domain name at

So due to this reason you are losing your lots of traffic.

So try to choose a domain name without any symbol and number. Its better for your blog.

(8). Try To Choose .COM Domain Extension

Today in the Internet you will find many domain extensions such as .in, .biz, .online, .net, .org etc. But the most popular extensions is .com.

(9). Where To Buy The Best Domain Names?

Today lots of company are provide domain name like Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc.

Godaddy and Namecheap are big player in this industry. And I strongly recommend to buy domain name through this company.

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If you have purchased a domain name in 1000 rupees. But you will have pay 1000 rupees to renew your domain name. But If you find this domain name just in 600 rupees then then How much money will you save for a year?

Don't worry guys. Its just example. Domain name is not costly. Godaddy and Namecheap are provide huge discount.

But if you are an Indian then I will recommend you Godaddy. Even my domain name DIGITALJAYPAL.IN is also buying from godaddy.


So friends I hope you understand your domain name value? How your domain name was important for you business?

So take care of some small things. Avoid these little mistakes so that you do not have any problems in the future.

At last if you have any question then write below comment section.

Happy Blogging


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