About us

About us

Hello Friends Welcome to the Digital Jaypal Blog.

We have created these blogs for people who want to earn money through Digital Marketing, Blogging, Internet and those who want to start their own Business Startup.

We want you to get all the information you need for every smallest thing on the Internet.

About Digital Jaypal Blog

Friends Digitaljaypal blog was created on November 13, 2018. This is a blog where you can find Digital Marketing, Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO etc.

 Our Mission

Digitaljaypal blog has the same mission that anyone who visits our blog, then he will teach something, get some valuable content.

Our goal is to find out the way people are searching for a job and this blog is for those who want to do something in their life.

We will also do something new that will bring about change in India.


About Me

Hello friends My name is JAYPAL THAKOR. I am from Anand from Gujarat, India. My Dream is "I WANT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST HINDI BLOGGER AND CONTENT WRITER IN INDIA".

I do not like to do anybody's job here. That's why when I was in college, I came to know about blogging. I wanted to start my business since childhood, due to this I have done research on the internet about blogging.

That's why I made my free blog. YOUGLE TIPS AND TRICK My first blog Which is still online and I am getting good earnings from the free blog today. With the help of free blog, today my 50% expense is coming out.

Friends, if you have any problems regarding digital marketing, blogging, online money or even business, then you can contact me by contact us page.

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